A repo for small R programs from scratch written in R programming language vartying from Algorithms, Machine learning, Statitsitcs and Mathematics

This project is maintained by yuvrajiro

Mini R Programs

This repo is a collection of useful scripts in R that I had made during my time at the Banaras Hindu University. This repo is not meant to be a complete R library but rather a collection of scripts for more minor works from Scratch.

About Me

I am a Research Scholar at the Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati, in the Department of Mathematics, earlier I had pursued my Masters in Statistics and Computing at Banaras Hindu University at the Centre for Interdisciplinary Mathematical Sciences (CIMS). Currently, my research is focused on the Statistical Machine Learning and its applications.

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:warning: I am looking for collaborators specifically for writing a Probabilistic Programming Language using JAX. If you are interested in this, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me.

List of scripts

Bisection Method Bisection Method

  1. :pushpin: Sorting
    • :round_pushpin: Quick Sort   PDFSource
    • :round_pushpin: Merge Sort   PDFSource
    • :round_pushpin: Bubble Sort   PDFSource
    • :round_pushpin: Selection Sort   PDFSource
    • :round_pushpin: Insertion Sort   PDFSource
    • :round_pushpin: Shell Sort   PDFSource
  2. :pushpin: Searching
    • :round_pushpin: Binary Search   PDFSource
    • :round_pushpin: Interpolation Search   PDFSource
    • :round_pushpin: Jump Search   PDFSource
    • :round_pushpin: Linear Search   PDFSource
  3. :pushpin: Bayesian
    • :round_pushpin: Computing Integral with Monte Carlo   PDFSource
    • :round_pushpin: Rejection Sampling   PDFSource
    • :round_pushpin: Highest Posterior density Interval   PDF
  4. :pushpin: Machine Learning
    • :round_pushpin: Linear Regression   PDFSource
    • :round_pushpin: Ridge Regression   PDFSource
  5. :pushpin: Statistical Algorithm
    • :round_pushpin: Naive Density Estimate   PDF
    • :round_pushpin: Kernel Density Estimate   PDF
    • :round_pushpin: GQ,BPG,Whites and KB Test   PDF
    • :round_pushpin: Dublin-Watson Test   PDF
    • :round_pushpin: EM Estimate of mixture models   PDF
    • :round-pushpin: MLE of weibull distribution   PDF
  6. :pushpin: Linear Algebra
    • :round_pushpin: LU Matrix Factorization   PDFSource
    • :round_pushpin: RREF using Gauss Elimination   PDFSource
    • :round_pushpin: Cholesky Decomposition   PDFSource
    • :round_pushpin: Determinant   PDFSource
    • :round_pushpin: Inverse   PDFSource
    • :round_pushpin: Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors using Power Maethod   PDFSource
    • :round_pushpin: Eigenvalue and Eigenvector using JACOBI method   PDF
  7. :pushpin: Mathematics
    • :round_pushpin: Bisection   PDFSource

Credit Card Fraud Detection using Random Forest using Julia from Scratch   PDF

A simple coin tossing Experiments   PDF

Cross Validation   PDF

Infimum of Inverse Gamma Distribution   PDF

Archived   PDF   PDF